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Christian Louboutin heeled shoes online Monopoly shop. So Kate and summer sandals cheap sell up to 50% off!

Christian Louboutin heeled shoes online Monopoly shop. So Kate and summer sandals cheap sell up to 50% off! Buy now you can enjoy free shipping!
New York Fashion Institute organized "Shoe Obsession (obsession with shoes)" exhibition has been down the curtain on 13 April at sunset, Christian Louboutin Sandals but those who missed the show does not need to feel too sorry, because the New York Fashion Institute of cooperation Press Yale University Press Their books will be published at the end of this month. Christian Louboutin Sneakers The book will show that the most creative in the past 12 years by the Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin footwear and many world-class designers, the most beautiful or the most challenging gravity limits of footwear designs. Readers will enjoy more than 150 pairs of footwear design sublime, from the museum nose Noritaka incredible ballet shoes, Prada Picante Chanel sandals to heel of guns, these unique designs have been president of New York Fashion Institute There are museum curator Colleen Hill clothing book income. "Shoe Obsession" (obsession with shoes) by Valerie Steele and Colleen Hill eds., Yale University Press published jointly with the New York Fashion Institute, the price of 30 euros a celebration of the fall of the latest release of Walt Disney Studios Cinderella DVD and Blu-ray Disc version, Christian Louboutin specially designed a Cinderella glass slipper, and was published recently. Christian Louboutin Stores The two sides plan to cooperate as early as April this year had announced.
Louboutin said: "Cinderella is not just people talk about beauty, elegance, synonymous with dreamy fairy tale time, is also the same for the shoes her character and storyline have sparked my inspiration for this design, see. Reading between the lines of a fairy tale, Christian Louboutin So Kate I just need to see on the design on the line. "
This pair of worthy princess glass slipper design includes crystal wrapped heel, two bright butterfly decoration, in addition, of course, essential to Louboutin's signature red soles.
"In the fairy tale, this pair of glass slipper Cinderella into a princess make magic stick, giving self-confidence, beauty and love," Louboutin said. "In my concept, the dream is an important element in the dream world of no limits, Christian Louboutin So Kate patent always have a fairy-tale happy ending."